Sunday, October 23, 2016

Launch Party

1. *Save the Date! 
My Perfectly Posh Launch Party will kick off on Thursday, October 27 at 7 pm!

~ Want FREE Posh?! Watch My posts in this event all week for ways to earn EXTRA points towards a grand prize give away!
*The more you comment, participate, and have fun- the more points you'll earn!

2. Alright, Here is how the point system will work.
The more you participate, the more points you win towards the prize at the end of the party!

3. There are a million reason to love posh! 
Here are just a few!

4. Only 5 Days until the Party goes Live!
For 2 extra points, comment "POSH YEAH!"

5. This was my very first purchase with Perfectly Posh!
I wanted to try EVERYTHING, but I decided to settle for this fabulous deal!
$20 and you get a Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream, Lip Balm and a Chunk of your choice!

I chose: 
The "It" Girl BFYHC
Fun Lip
Porefect Face Chunk

6. Let me Know for 2 pts!

7. The following people currently have points towards the final giveaway at the end of the party!
Sherree- 2 points
Danene- 2 points
Katie- 4 points

If you aren't on the board it's not too late! Look through the posts so far and earn points where you can! More opportunities are coming :)

8. This Launch Party will be the perfect opportunity to cross of some of your Christmas shopping!
Do you do most of your christmas shopping online or in store? Tell me for 2 pts!

9. Posh Perks! Posh has a free rewards program & it's simple! Every time you make a purchase, you gain "perks". These can be used just like cash to get FREE products! You get 250 perks just for signing up!

10. I am so excited to finally Launch my Site! Are you ready?! Comment "WOOHOO" for 2 pts!

11. Log on and come on! Starts at 7pm!

12. Party starts in _ hours! Here's all you'll need tonight :)
If you're new to Posh, be sure to read the posts that I've already posted this past week! There is a lot of good info about who we are & what we have to offer!
Here's how many points you have going into the party:

Katie, Danene, Carm Ina, Jessica, Brittney & Wendy all tied up with 8 points each
Sherree 4 points

There will be plenty more chances to earn points during the party!

13. Launching this party in 10! Get Ready!

14. Hey everyone! I hope y'all are ready for a lot of fun, information, and opportunities to WIN tonight! I'll be posting the different products Posh has to offer & we'll have a couple of fun games in between to win even more! Keep your eyes out for opportunities to earn more points for the final giveaway for a FREE item!
If you have any questions at any time, please ask!
I'll let you know when it's time to SHOP!!
P.S. This will be my first party, so bear with me haha!!

My name is Katelyn and my favorite pampering product lavender scented body butters/sprays/candles anything! I find lavender to be extremely relaxing! 
Introduce yourself for 2 points!

15. While we give everyone a chance to join, we'll get started on some products! I would suggest writing down some items that appeal to you, so it's easier for you to order at the end!
These are some of our great Apothecary goodies!
If you're working on rebuilding after the flood like I am, I recommend the Hot Pepper Shabang Muscle Stick! All of the heavy lifting leaves my muscles SO sore, this stick works wonders! You just rub it on the sore area and it relieves the ache in seconds! Think of it as an all natural Bengay Muscle Rub that doesn't feel sticky and caked on!

Next up is our BFYHC (Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme)!
These contain Apricot oil and leave your hands sooo soft and smelling good!
My faves are {B} Boho Soul and {F} Hot Mess!
Tell me which scents appeal to you for 2 points!

17. Next up, body wash! One of the great things about these that sets them apart from other body wash is that they are SULFATE FREE!
I HAD the Gender Bender Body Wash, but my fiance' has claimed it for his own! Lol
These also come in Chunks (Bar Soap)!
Do you prefer Bar soap or body wash?
Tell me in the comments for 2 pts!

18. Here are our Chunks! Ya'll I just LOVE these! Sooo much better for your skin than traditional bar soap! Doesn't leave that "dry" feeling.
They are also MUCH bigger!
Which one would you put on your wish list? 2 points!

19. First game! 
How many candy corn are in this jar?
Closest guess wins a Lip Balm!

20. Detox muds! Because we all need to detox sometimes!
I Love the Pumpkin body clay! It leaves you feeling so clean and refreshed!
The Stripper is an all time FAVE with everyone that has used it! I can't wait to get my hands on it!
Which would you choose? 2 points!

21. Face Masks!
There's just something so fun about a face mask! Gives the ultimate spa experience :)
Our most popular is probably the Cackle Spackle! It smells like spearmint and leaves your skin feeling minty fresh and clean, but if you need something more gentle or don't like how a face mask feels on you, I recommend Apricots Overnight! It goes on like a moisturizer and doesn't harden!
First to comment this post gets an extra point!

22. I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE Moisturize911! It is so gentle and you can feel it tightening your skin! It gives an almost immediate natural glow and smells like fresh oranges!
Which one appeals to you most? 2 points!

23. Find the posh pumpkin! Post your guess in the comments below!
Winner gets a prize!

24. This line is vegan and color free!
The smell of BFF is to die for!
I am in LOVE with my Porefect Face Chunk and I am dying to try Whole Lava Love!

25. Stuck on what to put in your guy's stocking?
I say stuff it with POSH!! Did you know they had a man line?
I ordered the Chunk for Devin and we both love the smell!

26. Ooohhh I love a good scrub!
Kara LOVES The Dark scrub and says it smells SO GOOD. 
Which one do you think you'd like? 2 points!

27. It's almost time to shop y'all! A few more posts to go before I announce some winners and you get to fulfill your wishlist!
If you want to host one of these fun parties let me know! All you have to do is invite your friends and I take care of the rest! You just sit back and get free Posh!
Would you be interested in hosting your own FB party? (this is no obligation, just curious!) 2 points for sharing your thoughts!

28. These are great for on the go pampering!
These are the perfect size to fit in your purse!
I am in LOVE with the healer stick! It has worked so good on nourishing my stretch marks from my pregnancy and helping them fade.
I use the Sleepy Sleep stick on Lindsey at night and it lulls her into a peaceful little slumber! I just rub it on the bottom of her little feet, rock her and within minutes she is out! Works good on me, too!

29. First I wanted to say, these, along with the chunks are way bigger than my hands!
These are super scrubby and smell great!
Perfect for getting a smooth shave!
Which scent do you think you would like? 2 points

30. Last one y'all! This is your last chance to enter the games, so go do that if you haven't already!
We didn't forget about your hair! I LOVE the Offshore Restore mask!
I have heard nothing but good things about all of the hair products to be honest!

The winner of the Candy Corn game is Hope Guidry! You won FREE SHIPPING on your order of $25 or more!
The winner of the Posh pumpkin game is... WE HAVE A TIE! No one guessed 5, butBrittney Smith Brown and Katie Landry were the closest! You both win a free lip balm with your purchase of $25 or more!

32. Ready to shop?!
please let me know if I can be of any assistance! Make sure to select "Launch" at checkout!
Oh btw!!
5 points for order of &100+
4 points for order of $75-99
3 points for order of $50-74
2 points for order of $25-49
1 point for order less than $25

33. I hope y'all had as much fun as I did! I'm still hanging out to answer any questions you might have, so don't worry!

Ordering will be open until tomorrow at midnight, so feel free to share with your friends as well! 

Thank you for participating & I'll also announce the winner of the final giveaway once all orders are placed!

Pamper Yourself!! xoxo!

Missed the party? That's okay! The party closes tonight, so be sure to get your orders in!
& select "Lisa's Perfectly Posh Party" at checkout!
*Katie and Brittney, let me know which lip balm you would like when you place your order of $25 or more!
*The winner of the final giveaway will be announced after the party closes and all points are tallied! Don't forget you get points based on your order amount, too!
*If you haven't already, please join my VIP group! I post new products, current deals, and I love to do giveaways and contests! Let me know if you'd like me to add you!
*Thank you to those that have already ordered- SherreeWendy, & Danene! You will love your Posh!
I'm here to help, so let me know if there are any questions! xoxo!

2 hours left to order!
Select "Lisa's Perfectly Posh Party" at checkout!
Pamper yourself- you deserve it!❤️